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Come and hear about the latest products and new innovative solutions.workshops

Once you've heard the latest from the authorities and end-users in the Conference Theatres, come and find out what's new from the solution providers at our free-to-attend Technology Workshop Theatre.

Two days packed full of presentations and live demos giving you invaluable insight into what technologies, training and consultancy are available to help keep your operation safe and secure.

Workshop topics include:

  • CCTV & Video Analytics
  • Perimeter Security/Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control/Biometrics Sponsored by SALZER
  • Screening and Scanning
  • Surveillance
  • Cyber Capabilities
  • Communications
  • UAVs

CCTV and Video Surveillance 

Innovations and developments within the ruggedised PTZ CCTV Camera market

  • The benefits a PTZ Ruggedised head offers certain verticals (critical, MOD, Public space and utilities) and why an HD Solution with an optical dome lens cannot be rivalled by other technologies such as fixed cameras, single sensor 360 cameras and Panoramics
  • Overt vs covert cameras (Visiondome and Illuminator dome vs Predator/Centurion) – we have something for all applications inc a dome with 360 degree IR
  • The benefits of having both WL and IR lighting within the same head and where and when to use discrete and black lighting technologies

Mark Rees, Business Development Director, 360 Vision Technology Ltd

Changing CCTV surveillance using machine learning software

  • How unique software changes the operation of CCTV surveillance
  • Enabling CCTV surveillance by delivering automated information to the operator
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of dynamic live monitoring in managing risks

Simon Hoyle, Senior Vice President, iCetana

If you would like to book a slot for the CCTV and Video Surveillance workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Detection

Implementing a multi-layered physical perimeter security strategy

  • Identifying the key vulnerabilities of your perimeter
  • Using threat planning assumptions to support the business case for security measures
  • Implementing effective perimeter security programmes in a cost constrained environment

Craig Mason, Sales Manager,  Rosehill Polymers

It will be EWIDS early warning intrusion detection systems. Unwanted people and drones, see them before they see you

  • Facial Recognition, no longer the best kept secret.
  • What are EWIDS, I’ve got you there.
  • What next, so you have found it, now what.

Ian Hunt, Managing Director, FTL

Modern HVM Solutions, British Engineering by Eagle Automation Systems Ltd.

  • A brief history & introduction to Eagle Automation Systems.
  • Product development for a changing threat - Eagle Automation Systems’ HVM product portfolio.
  • Challenging Case Studies - overcoming bespoke UK & Export requirements

Rankin Goalen, HVM Sales Manager, Eagle Automation

If you would like to book a slot for the Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Detection workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

Access Control and Biometrics Sponsored by SALZER

Certified building security - individual concepts against terroristic and criminal attacks

  • Combined protection against various threats
  • International test standards for blast, bullet and forced entry resistance
  • Realized projects with high security windows, facades and doors

Elke Sälzer, CTO SÄLZER GmbH

3D printing vs. high security keys

  • Why today anybody can copy your house key: a technology assessment.
  • The Stealth Key: embracing 3D metal printing to create the solution
  • The positive implications and disruption of 3D printing mechanical keys

Dr. Alejandro Ojeda, CEO and Co-founder Stealth Key/ Urban Alps

If you would like to book a slot for the Access Control and Biometrics workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

Screening and Scanning

The art of the possible – tackling suicide terrorism

  • The threat and nature of person borne suicide attacks;
  • Highlighting challenges of screening for suicide threats and the attitude to risk;
  • Introducing new security paradigms for protecting public places from suicide attacks.

Stephen Cooper OBE, Security Advisor, Apstec Systems

The Next Generation of Non-Intrusive Inspection

  • Current technology challenges to detect explosives hidden in common materials that act as shielding (i.e. water, gravel, etc…).
  • Cosmic Ray Tomography - new software driven scanning system, the MMPDS Gen3 with machine learning algorithms
  • Concept of Operations using the MMPDS Gen3 for a safe, smart, automatic, fast, and effective scanning solution

Brian Gallagher, VP Business Development, Decision Sciences

Next generation screening and automation

  • Next generation screening platforms are emerging
  • This present huge opportunities for airports and regulators
  • Advantages include improved security, automation, less divestment, addressing new threats

Mr Ken Mann, Director, Checkpoint Integration, Rapiscan Systems

Meeting the needs of the next generation of cargo scanners

  • The next generation of cargo scanners will require high speed imaging
  • Teledyne e2v works with customers to understand technical requirements of new scanners
  • Teledyne e2v has a technical roadmap to enhance high speed image performance

Chris Thwaites, Head of Product Management, Teledyne e2v

If you would like to book a slot for the Screening and Scanning workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

Surveillance, Communications and Data

More information to follow.

If you would like to book a slot for the Surveillance, Communications and Data workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

CBRNE Detection and Protection

Detection of nuclear threats with easily deployable solutions

  • Geographical dose mapping of a large area survey
  • Radiological hazard  detection through data fusion
  • A deployable solution for nuclear threads detection in different application fields

Erica Fanchini, Field Application Senior Scientist, CAEN SyS

Flexible explosives trace detection capabilities to address today’s threats and screening needs for public venue protection

  • Evolving threats require flexible and mobile solutions for trace explosives detection;
  • Speed and accuracy of results are required to ensure continuous throughput;
  • Ease of use and high availability is paramount for public venue protection

Val Chrysostomou, Product Manager, Smiths Detection

If you would like to book a slot for the CBRNE Detection and Protection workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

Drones, UAV and Counter Drones

Introducing the Dropster Counter-UAV Netgun

  • Short Introduction about Droptec: Who we are and what we do.
  • What are the threats posed by UAV's for prisons
  • Introduction of Droptec's counter-UAV netgun 'Dropster'

Tom Lardelli, Sales Director of Droptec LLC, Droptec

More information to follow.

If you would like to book a slot for the Drones, UAV and Counter Drones workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

Cyber Threat and Cyber Capability

Privacy and the Encryption Threat

  • Global terrorism and crime rely on secrecy.
  • Threats grow more dangerous and the criminals become more sophisticated every year
  • Law enforcement must have the most sophisticated technology to protect the public

Eric Rabe, Chief Marketing Officer, Grey Heron Technologies

Compromised Credentials – The Silent Attacker

  • Dangers of compromised credentials, and vectors of compromise – Every organization has them
  • Finding, compromising and monetizing your company’s data: the underground economy
  • Preventing and avoiding compromised credentials – weaponizing threat intel for the good guys

Byron Rashed, Vice President of Global Marketing, Advanced Threat Intelligence, InfoArmor, Inc. Advance Threat Intelligence Unit

IA Inside

  • IA Inside, the essential security concept for all organisations procuring technology
  • Learn how IA concept inside can help organisations reduce their cyber risks
  • Find out how IA Inside can help to improve the bottom line

Dave James, Managing Director, Ascentor

Using DMARC to Actively Block Phishing attacks

  • Email is vulnerable and 91% of cyber attacks start with phishing.
  • The NCSC recommends implementing DMARC to defend against targeted cyber threats.
  • OnDMARC makes DMARC implementation quick and easy for organisation of all sizes

Gino Coquis, Product Strategy Director, Red Sift/OnDMARC

How can you monitor your evolving online environment and attack surface?

  •   Why should you find out where your data is located globally?
  •   How can you proactively identify vulnerabilities as soon as they are introduced?

 Marios Kyriacou, Managing Director, The Security Bureau

Cyber security in the cloud era.

  • Understanding IT security as an overall concept
  • Cyber security in the era of cloud computing
  • Achieving Cyber capability via application streaming and a workspace in the browser

Nehal Thakore, Director for Business Development, UK, oneclick Platform UK Ltd.

The Cyber Security Challenge

  • Discuss the challenges of IoT facing organisations.
  • Learn how to keep employees, properties and assets secure in an IoT environment.
  • Provide a comprehensive security-of-security strategy to safeguard against cyber threats.

 Paul Dodds, UKIR Country Manager, Genetec

If you would like to book a slot for the Cyber Threat and Cyber Capability workshop please contact info@uksecurityexpo.com

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