UK Security Expo 2017, The Global Security Showcase, 29 - 30 Nov 2017, Olympia London





What's New for 2016

2N - Stand J07


Please visit us at the UK Security Expo at stand #J7, and see for yourself what is possible in the world of IP Intercoms, Access Control and Audio Systems.

Our latest portfolio includes – Paired Bluetooth Technology, Multi Function Touch Display, New IP Base Intercom and My2N…never miss a call from the intercom again, weather home or not via your smart phone.

Our product lines are built for high durability and attack resistance along with many other smart functions, improving your security and the safety of those around you, we have “strongest” Intercom in the world…IP Force! 

Invest the time to come and learn about the new advantages you can supply within the world of IP to your customers, register today for free visitor pass!

Antrica - Stand E13



Antrica - Stand E13 are set to launch their newest product at the UK SECURITY EXPO 2016.

The ‘SpotBox4K’ connects into the back of a monitor via a HDMI cable without the need for a PC.

This simple LOW COST product is supplied with a TV style EASY TO USE remote control. Meaning even the most non-technical person can use it, there is even has an auto-reboot feature which kicks in after a power cut.

Program up to 16 IP ONVIF cameras, which you can then view in quad mode on a 4K monitor (optional – you can also use lower grade monitors), this allows you to view 4 cameras simultaneously in full 1920 x 1080 resolution without loss in picture quality. 

There is also the option of viewing 16 cameras with the quad view switching in-between streams.

Resolution wise the box is cable of decoding streams in SD, HD, 4K & UHD, meaning it is both a versatile product but also future proof due to the UHD / 4K capabilities.

There is a built in recording feature allowing you to capture ‘snapshot’ recordings of individual cameras if you see something of interest.

The purpose of this product is to offer an alternative or addition to an NVR / VMS solution, as in some cases these solutions can be excessive as viewing is all that is required (reception desks / security viewing stations).

Come and see this exciting product on our stand – E13 UK Security Expo 2016

Apstec Systems - Stand K43

Apstec Systems presents and launches new product


Human Security Radar - a paradigm shift in Homeland security

Human Security Radar is the first device that can automatically detect carriers of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in crowded public places, without slowing down the people flow.

Apstec Systems has been searching for such breakthrough innovation for 12 years while developing the Active Micro Waves technology. The results are implemented in Human Security Radar - the first real Mass Transit Suicide Bomber Detection Device.

Human Security Radar - is one of a kind multi-threat detection system for real time inspection of multiple persons moving in a crowd with automatic detection of explosive devices and weapons hidden on the body, in backpacks or in wheeled luggage. 

The system provides:

  • Standoff detection of threat materials;
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple moving people;
  • Automatic Threat Recognition (ATR);
  • Real-time operation;
  • Non-cooperative screening;
  • No privacy issues;
  • Covert or open installation;
  • Integrated video tracking;
  • Easily integrated with other security systems;
  • Operator independent;
  • Low cost operation.

Arktis Radiation Detectors - Stand J62

Arktis and Passport Unveil Networked Rad-Nuc Detection Systems



Securing our world from the devastating effects of a radiological or nuclear explosive device deserves the latest, most effective technologies that recognize the evolving threat using real-time, networked mobile, fixed and personal sensors. Providing a key role in reducing threats, Arktis Radiation Detectors and Passport Systems have teamed up for UK Security Expo 2016 to showcase the fruit of years of government sponsored R&D.

Passport’s SmartShieldTM and Arktis’ M1000 systems have been designed to detect and deter radiological threats and meet specific requirements of the US DHS‘ Securing-the-Cities Initiative and Human Portable Tripwire Program. SmartShieldTM is an open architecture, distributed software platform that includes advanced algorithms to detect, localize and identify radioactive sources using detectors, such as the Arktis M1000, that are stationary or moving, manned or unmanned, pedestrian or vehicle mounted. In real time, SmartShieldTM  communicates information regarding the presence of radioactive sources to security forces.

Key elements of SmartShieldTM are:

  • Networked detectors such as a belt-worn gamma detector and the Arktis M1000 fixed or mobile neutron detector
  • Smartphone and Laptop running SmartShieldTM software
  • Server providing network control

SmartShieldTM integrates ultra-sensitive, low-cost M1000 Rugged by DesignTM neutron detectors designed by Arktis. The unique M1000 uses readily available helium-4 (natural helium) as the detection medium, a low cost but highly efficient replacement for the nearly obsolete and expensive He-3. M1000 detectors can be networked and “daisy-chained” to cover wide areas, enabling SmartShieldTM to deliver full situational awareness at all levels.

The SmartShieldTM detection network applies smart algorithms to give the network much higher sensitivity for radiological threats then the detectors would have individually. Similar networked approaches are being fielded by UK and US authorities such as DARPA.

See the revolutionary SmartShieldTM system and M1000 detectors of Passport and Arktis at Stand J62.

Audax Global Solutions Ltd - Stand B32

Body Warn Video - showcasing at UK Security Expo 2016


Body Worn Video pioneers Audax Global Solutions are showcasing at UK Security Expo 2016

The team at Audax will be displaying our body worn video cameras, and introducing our new 'BIO-AX' technology for which we recently secured 772,000 euros from the European Union to develop high-tech body worn security cameras and scanners. 

Audax will join a number of international companies exhibiting at the London security showcase.

We understand that the European Commission will also be in attendance as we are one of the few UK based 'Project Champions' and they are very supportive of Audax.

We are very grateful to the EU and the Commission and it's a huge win for us. As security crosses borders it will provide a return for the EU, in so much that it will benefit from job creation and enhanced security. 

Although our project is for two years, Audax plans to pilot demos and carry out market testing early next year with selected organisation. 

Border Force - Stand J51

Visit the Border Force stand to experience live vehicle, maritime and aircraft search demonstrations, PLUS see how they deal with the fight against the illegal trade in endangered species. 

Bosch - Stand D20


Integration, the power to do more.


Bosch Security Systems is exhibiting at this year’s UK Security Expo at Booth D20. Come and see us!

For the first time Bosch freshens-up with an integration of two big partners, Moxa, a leading provider of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions, along with Genetec, one of the leading innovators in IP-based security systems software. At this show we are taking a step ahead in enabling simplified yet secure connectivity of our superior security and safety products, providing a complete fixed and onboard transport security solution.

We will present our wide-ranging security and safety solutions for transport applications, for instance, station intrusion alarm, seamless passenger tracking, Level-crossing and track security, inside train incidents, and IDMS amongst other fascinating security solutions. 

British Transport Police - Stand H19


British Transport Police is the national specialist police force for the railway in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our job is to keep the travelling public and people who work on the railway safe from harm. On over 10,000 miles of track, we keep more than 6 million people and 400,000 tonnes of freight safe and secure every day.

We will be demonstrating how we help to keep the rail network secure and on the move. We will exhibit technologies from our Scientific Support Unit, including state-of-the-art photographic and forensic equipment, showcasing our expertise and capabilities.

Our Specialist Operations team will also be on hand to demonstrate some of the equipment they use and techniques that help them deal with potential threats to the network.

We have developed our expertise and capabilities in the rail environment over the last 100 years. Our specialism makes us unique and a vital player in the growing rail industry, keeping us at the cutting edge of modern policing.

Come and see us at stand H19. We’d be delighted to discuss issues that impact on railway policing and share learning and best practice with policing and industry colleagues.

Clarke Instruments - Stand K24


In addition to our range of electro-mechanical locks for various applications, we will be showcasing our airlock turnstile and the 430A-200 security turnstile at the UK Security Expo 2016.

The airlock turnstile has a number of advantages over standard configurations. A typical application will involve the use of one biometric reader to identify people travelling through the turnstile. If positively identified, passage through the turnstile will be allowed, for the identified individual only, enhancing confidence that only authorised personnel are in designated areas.

The 430A-200 has been put through some rigorous tests, which it passed successfully.

Our business is security and the control of access: We have been around since 1969. We offer custom design and build services, where standard solutions are not possible, adding value to access control and security. We are UK manufacturers of turnstiles, vehicle barriers, gate automation equipment, electric strikes, solenoid bolts and gate locks. We offer repair, maintenance and refurbishment services. We work with a number of UK installers of security products and access control systems and are therefore able to offer a comprehensive installation and maintenance service. Our aim is to provide our customers with innovative, practical solutions to the control of physical access without compromising on quality, reliability or durability.


All our products offer a measure of security and have a good track record: Standard equipment is held in stock ready for rapid deployment.

Our premium quality products are all based on the original design concepts of the company founder and are proven to last. They are built by craftsmen at our factory in Salisbury to the highest quality standards (ISO9001).

For more information and to see an airlock turnstile in operation, visit us on stand K24

Our business: Protecting your assets!

01722 323451

Dantracker Technology Company - Stand N51


Dantracker Technology Company is a Danish based company, producing GPS trackers, which can be used to find and locate stolen or lost objects.

  • 10 years’ lifetime battery.
  • Shockproof and waterproof.
  • Embedded SIM-chip that works all around the world.
  • Easy to hide.

DNV GL - Stand N37


DNV GL has formed a Security Consultancy Group which offers a wide range of services including cyber security, security systems design, security & risk advisory, blast engineering, counter terrorism advice, testing, training, building and design advisory and critical national infrastructure support.

Along with our industry partners, we have more than twenty years’ experience of working in the physical security and cyber security spaces. This includes the design, and testing, of the physical security measures put in place to protect the occupants of many of the world’s most iconic buildings, sporting events and mass transit hubs.  Mitigation systems have been developed to protect national infrastructure such as energy transmission & distribution systems, as well as road, rail and air transport systems.

A ISO17025 accredited cyber security lab, in Peterborough, carries out product evaluation (to the UK Commercial Product Assurance and the international Common Criteria methodologies) together with related consultancy and training.  Recently, a new fuzz testing capability has been introduced, which is aimed at identifying vulnerabilities in the interface handling elements of all kinds of products.  In addition, advice around secure development, governance to maximise security and training is on offer to support clients.



The security team in Aberdeen, operating worldwide, has many years’ experience of training, assurance and management systems. They specialise in security requirements under the requirements of the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) code.

DNV GL has made a substantial investment to further develop its Spadeadam Testing and Research Centre as one of the world's most advanced locations for full-scale destructive and non-destructive testing for the oil and gas, chemical, utilities and security industries.

A multi-million pound, state-of-the-art training and conference centre was officially opened at Spadeadam in June 2016.  This new facility will host a range of security related training courses, as well as hazard awareness courses, all involving classroom-based learning and large-scale live demonstrations.

Evolv Technology - Stand D13


Evolv Technology aims to change how the security industry works by creating solutions that address and adapt to the mass casualty threats of today’s increasingly dangerous world.  Evolv’s Mosaiq™ Platform provides a first-of-its-kind solution, integrating real-time video surveillance with extremely low false alarms, walkthrough firearm and explosive detection, facial recognition, and security analytics. 

Based in Boston, MA and led by veterans of the physical screening industry including the TSA, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and Homeland Security, Evolv is dedicated to helping government agencies and private businesses protect their soft targets and their hard assets.  


Visit us in the Crowded Places Demonstrator, Evolv Edge is honored to be one of a handful of innovative technologies in operation in the Screen Zone.  For more information and to talk about your environment, visit us on Stand D13 and at

FST Biometrics 


FST's unique identification technology offers a seamless access experience. Our IMID Access software with In Motion Identification technology quickly and accurately identifies users at a distance and in motion. Using a unique fusion of biometric identification technologies, including facial, voice and body behavioural analytics, FST’s IMID Access software identifies users quickly and accurately, eliminating the need to slow down, swipe a card or present ID.  

Registered users experience seamless access as they are identified at a distance and in motion. Users simply look at the camera, and authorized individuals are granted access, while those unauthorized are barred entrance. The IMID Access software is an open system that uses standard hardware and is easily integrated with many other existing access control systems and infrastructures in a variety of physical locations. A multi-biometric solution allows for secure identification and access solution, designed for to increase the user experience in a seamless manner.

Genie - Stand F20




After a successful exhibition last year, Genie will be returning to the UK Security Expo with more innovative technology solutions this year. 

Below are some key products to look out for during our exhibit. 

Genie Eco Trailer- A CCTV solution designed for rapid deployment in remote locations, the trailer is available as a powered or a power free solution depending on your requirements. The power free solution uses BOC hydrogen fuel cells, allowing the trailer to be noise and emission free from point of delivery.  

AC5000 Fingerprint Authentication System- Recently approved for UK critical infrastructure projects, The AC5000 Fingerprint Authentication System will also feature on our stand this year. Networkable or Standalone the terminals accept up to 20,000 users and IP65 rated. 



In-Motion Technology- Since our recent partnership with FST, we can now offer In-Motion Identification™ technology which Identifies users at a distance and in motion using a unique fusion of biometric identification technology.

Other products including our Body Worn Solution, ANPR Solution and IP CCTV Solution will also be on display with live demonstrations.   

Make sure you visit us on Stand F20, UK Security Expo, 30 Nov-1 Dec, Olympia, London. REGISTRATION IS FREE

GJD Manufacturing Limited - Stand L24


GJD has over 33 years’ experience of manufacturing and designing innovative lighting solutions and professional external detector equipment. At the UK Security Expo 2016, GJD will be presenting live demonstrations of its D-TECT Laser sensor. The D-TECT Laser is a high-precision laser based security device for perimeter protection and intruder detection.

The sophisticated technology and high quality of the D-TECT Laser is unmatched in the security and external detection industry. It is well suited for a wide range of sectors from highly sensitive military installations and prestigious residential properties to public and commercial sectors.

The D-TECT Laser can identify moving objects and is suitable for internal and external use. It is often used to create a virtual wall or virtual ceiling, popular applications include protection of works of art in museums, window and door protection, speed roller shutters, high-end residential properties or open sites such as busy car dealerships. These are just to name a few examples of where the D-TECT Laser can be used.

A major benefit of the D-TECT Laser is its compact design and single cabling point, which reduces the number of fittings on a building. Key features include two programmable detection zones that are configurable to within 10cm, a virtual tamper and anti-masking. It is also available in white and black housing.


Greg Stuttle, GJD’s Business Development Manager commented: “The D-TECT Laser ensures reliable and accurate motion detection. Its compact design and unique features make it an important part of any intrusion detection system.”

Further features include covert operation as the LED display can be switched off when required, high immunity to environmental interference and user friendly programming. Feedback from installers is that the D-TECT Laser is quick and easy to setup compared to similar competitive products.

Key features:

  • 90º spread
  • 4 adjustable sensing curtains
  • High immunity to environmental interference
  • Minimum object size 5, 10, 20 & 40cm (25m version)
  • 2 programmable detection zones
  • Virtual tamper
  • Single cabling point

Hayagriva - Stand P60


CCTV by itself is not delivering the outcomes of Crime and Loss Prevention anywhere in the world. The world is facing terror attacks, other crimes, process violations and so on, in spite of millions of cameras across the globe. While cameras and VMS are trying to get smarter, the outcomes of Crime and Loss Prevention are not visible.

A fundamental shift is therefore needed with respect to CCTV Surveillance.

All users of CCTV need to:
1. Audit CCTV on a Daily Basis as a SOP

2. Backup CCTV Smartly and Remotely

3. Document Incidents in a Standardized Template


COM-SUR is the only tool in the world that makes it easy for CCTV users to discover ‘Hidden’ information in CCTV; and quickly take the Next Logical Steps.

COM-SUR helps CCTV users achieve the VALUABLE OUTCOMES of:

1. Crime and Loss Prevention
2. Improvement of Processes and Sales
3. Solving Crime Faster

COM-SUR makes it possible to:

Auditing CCTV as a SOP helps users discover exceptions missed out by most VMS/Video Analytics like:

- Recce
- Pilferage/Theft/Insider job
- Security guards sleeping on duty
- Housekeeping/Safety issues
- And Hundreds of such Exceptions

2. SMARTLY BACKUP CCTV in the form of Screenshots at REMOTE locations.

3. Create Standardized Intelligent INCIDENT REPORTS that help Solve Crime Faster.

COM-SUR works with ANY Camera/Recorder. It requires no complex set-up or connections. It works with EXISTING CCTV systems.

Once users of CCTV begin to ‘see’ the  value of Auditing CCTV as a SOP, we see an entirely new breed of professionals being born; that of CCTV Auditors. Both old and young women and men can get new jobs or start their own business of Auditing CCTV feeds and report exceptions.

If all users of CCTV just start Auditing their own CCTV feeds, they will become the extra ‘eyes’ of Law Enforcement Agencies. Cameras capture information 24/7/365. Sadly, this information is being wasted because users don’t ‘SEE’ what their cameras ‘SAW’. This is Auditing!


Get COM-SUR now! Don’t wait for things to go wrong.

HIK Vision - Stand H18


Hikvision PanoVu Series Panoramic Cameras

With ultra-high definition, 180-degree and 360-degree video and powerful Smart Tracking capabilities, the PanoVu Series from Hikvision is the most compelling argument ever for panoramic surveillance, suitable for expansive, open-area monitoring.

Add to this the PanoVu’s powerful Smart Tracking abilities, linkage to PTZ and zooming into images at up to 36x optical and 16x digital, its user-friendly installation and configuration, and its ultra-low light performance, and the result is the best equipped high-end panoramic solution on the market.

 Hill & Smith Ltd - Stand J48


Hill & Smith Ltd, are specialists in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), and have just completed another large installation in Saudi Arabia, the 10th Anti-vehicle perimeter project we have completed in the Middle East.

Our experience now comprises of around 100 projects worldwide since the first installation almost 10 years ago.  The facilities secured are those considered to be critical to national security such as; - petrochemical plants, power stations, police stations, data centres, cash handling centres, military bases, airports and even densely populated sporting arenas.

Taking Bristorm forward and contributing to our success is our continued development of our unique and new Bristorm Zero fence system. This high security fence can, dependant on configuration stop a 6800kg truck travelling at 50 mph with zero penetration, zero major debris and actually repels the truck over 50m away from the site. Bristorm products are all full scale tested to internationally recognised standards BSI PAS 68 and ASTM F2656.

Hill & Smith Ltd is not new to wire rope technology having designed, manufactured and installed safety fences for highways since 1964.  Wire rope technology available form Hill & Smith continues our commitment to improve road safety for vehicle occupants, and keeps protected locations both safe and secure worldwide.

Integrity Assured - Stand L42


Integrity Assured. We are pleased to showcase our unique integrity security screening system.

We provide a unique highly confidential and efficient state-of-the-art detection system .It is a reliable and accurate non-invasive integrity test that can be used for recruitment and selection strategies for all levels of employment. Screening people who may be potentially linked to terrorism, criminal activity or hiding their true identity. The applications are endless.

Unlike other screening processes EyeDetect uses a real time unique ocular motor scanner which photographs the eyes 60 times a second when reading on screen statements specially designed for each user to cover any issues that they have concerns about.

The person being tested sits in front of a screen using a chin rest to stabilise their head. After calibrating their eyes to the optical scanner (2 minutes) the person sitting the test answers each question using a mouse or keyboard with a ‘true’ or ‘false’ key stroke.


The question responses are measured via pupillary changes by the optical motor is taking measurements of pupil dilation, blink rate and other eye movements during the test and after approximately 35 minutes the test is completed. The results are sync’d to the server and processed within 5 minutes to any device, computer or mobile on the dashboard in a 2 page pdf report.


We believe that EyeDetect provides a unique efficient, cost effective, confidential and empirically tested system for testing the integrity of individuals that can be managed and administered by governments, companies and clients with issues of trust.

  • Cost efficient, Portable,  
  • Highly accurate classification of credible individuals – Empirically tested at 85%
  • Incorruptible and unbiased results.
  • Fast results, test completed within 35 minutes – Results within 5 minutes..
  • Complete analytical reporting – Only authorised personnel may access reports.
  • Simple technology to use – Two days to complete training.
  • Bank level security – Fully encrypted.

The London Fire Brigade - Stand J15


The London Fire Brigade (LFB) is celebrating 150 years of protecting the UK capital. 

The LFB ensures London-wide co-ordination, resilience and preparedness, as well as contributing significantly to national capabilities – National Inter-agency Liaison Officer (NILO) training, Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attack (MTFA) trained officers, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear and Explosives (CBRN(E)) response, plus Mass Decontamination capability.

London Fire Brigade Enterprises Limited (LFBe) is the commercial division of the London Fire Brigade. 

Through LFBe we are able to provide this expertise, skills and knowledge from within the capital’s world class fire service – the third largest in the world.

LFBe provides consultancy,  standard and bespoke fire safety training and fire service products. 

Our consultancy services cover diverse topics such as:

  • Safety and Security in hosting Global Events
  • Terrorism preparedness and response
  • Contingency planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Integrated risk management planning (IRMP)
  • Operational assurance
  • Fire investigation
  • Operational response
  • Operational planning
  • Operational resilience
  • Operational assurance
  • Community Safety education
  • Community engagement targeting
  • Youth engagement


Our fire safety training ranges from basic fire awareness to fire safety for event venue security staff.  We can create bespoke training based on organisational needs, plus we provide a corporate teambuilding event – London Firefighter for a Day, for organisations wanting to test their communication, teamwork and to identify leadership potential.

Fire service products include the ‘Searched’ marker, for clearly identifying searched sectors of an incident site, along with staff training packages.

All information can be found on our website:

MOXA - Stand D20


Together with our renowned partners Bosch and Genetec, Moxa offers highly reliable and secure surveillance solutions for onboard railway applications.

Reliable Surveillance

Moxa´s new EN 50155 certified VPort cameras support 1080P HD video resolutions and have wide operating temperatures from -40 to 70°C, ensuring reliability and safety for railway operations under extreme conditions. For mission-critical applications, such as the 24/7 video surveillance required in the driver’s compartment, the VPort P16-2MR series features a built-in IR illuminator and Infrared Cutfilter Removal (ICR) to ensure crystal clear images during day and night. The cameras are compliant with EN 50155, IK8/ EN 62262, and H.264/ MJPEG. The IP dome gives them the versatility and ruggedness required in IP video surveillance onboard trains.

Real-time Viewing

Moxa´s MXNVR-RO-T, a rugged EN 50155 industrial network video recorder is specifically designed for the demands of onboard surveillance applications. With the powerful Intel® processor i7-3517UE and a software for live viewing and recording, it can be connected to multiple IP cameras for real-time viewing of 720P images at up to 120 FPS for the cameras displayed in a 1/4 layout. It can also record 1080P images at up to 450 FPS. Its user-friendly “Driver View” interface displays video images and the status of the camera, including its network and recording status, enabling drivers and onboard operators to identify problems and react to incidents immediately. It also interfaces with Genetec’s Video Management System (Security Center) to allow easy integration in existing infrastructures.


Redundant Backbones

Moxa’s new ToughNet TN-5916 EN 50155-compliant Ethernet train backbone solution supports NAT and routing functionality to facilitate the deployment of applications across networks for multiple consist network interconnections. The TN-5916 series features four bypass relay backbone ports and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), for router backbone redundancy to ensure high levels of fault tolerance. In addition, the TN-5916 router provides a wide power input range of 24/48, 72/96/110 VDC and is compliant with EN 50155/50121-4 requirements, making the router suitable for a variety of railway rolling stock applications around the world.

MyTAG - Stand B19


MyTAG will be launching their patent pending Trusted and Secure Proof of ID at the show. The secure ID card system, which cannot be copied or cloned, incorporates Trusted NFC from HID Global, together with photo ID, allowing absolute verification of an individual’s identity.

Time and attendance and Geo location are captured providing proof of an individual’s presence in a specific location at a particular point in time. Operating on all NFC enabled devices, MyTAG can deliver mobile Trusted Proof of ID into areas which fixed point controls cannot reach. It replaces inefficient manual and paper based ID authentication systems, saving time and money.

MyTAG Proof of ID can be used to prove identity in a range of applications and sectors including education, healthcare, manned security, government and industry.


Being Cloud based, MyTAG is simple to install and easy to use. There is no requirement to integrate into existing IT systems which allows you to be up and running quickly. It is also intuitive to use, so employees require little training, and the low cost of installation and operation mean that you can start to reap the benefits immediately.

The MyTAG platform also includes, Trusted Proof of Presence, Trusted Proof of Compliance, Lone Worker Safety, Asset Management and Key Management.

Please come and visit us on stand B19.

oVio Technologies, Inc - Stand C50

oVio Technologies, Inc. is a California-based company dedicated to developing and delivering innovative technologies for the corporate and government security sectors. oVio360™ brings visual identification into the 21st century as the first system utilizing 360-degree dynamic imagery to create “living” profiles that allow you to view individuals as you would encounter them in real-life. Images are captured with an orbiting camera rotation in as little as 6 seconds. Our patented technology captures up to 360 high-resolution, perfectly centered images, transcoded in real time into a single video file, which can be extracted and viewed individually, allowing for degree by degree, side by side comparisons. 
All images can be integrated with advanced facial recognition and morphology software. Images can be stored locally or remotely, via cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Enhanced by customizable metadata, and employing an integrated, proprietary hardware and software ecosystem, the company is changing the way visual identification imagery is captured, indexed, stored, and shared.

QinetiQ - Stand G52


We are experts in global aerospace, defense and security.  With over 6,000 employees worldwide; our scientists and engineers solve some of the world's most challenging problems. We offer high-end technical knowledge underpinned by world-class research and innovation. Our unique position enables us to serve as a trusted independent advisor to government organisations, predominantly in the UK and the US, including defence departments, intelligence services and security agencies. 

Our services offerings are focused on providing expertise and knowledge in national markets, and our products division provides technology-based solutions to meet customer requirements, complemented by contract-funded research and development on a global basis.

Saepio Land Services - Stand E40


Many organisations waste large amounts of time and energy into creating security solutions for complex situations. Saepio Land Services can use their extensive experience within the maritime and military industries to create bespoke security plans for any circumstance.

Saepio Land Services is a UK based company at the forefront of innovative security solutions and delivers a diverse range of bespoke physical security services. The company has a meticulous approach to all contracts, underpinned by commercial experience within the fast-paced maritime security industry and over ten years of military service as UK Royal Marines between the company founders, providing the backbone for robust land based security solutions.


Saepio Land Services are committed to providing bespoke comprehensive security solutions for any situation. This means combining a physical presence with the latest technology, around the clock surveillance, threat response plans and much more. The adaptability of our security solutions provides an unrivalled standard of safety and security for our clients. Only the best people are employed by Saepio Land Services and each staff member has vast amounts of knowledge and experience within the security industry.

Visit for more information about how we could help increase your security.

Smiths Detection - Stand G10


On 8 November 2016 Smiths Detection has launched Aviation Insider – a new online hub for the aviation sector. As both risks to airports and the technologies to counter them continue to evolve, the need to stay informed has never been greater: has been set up to showcase best practice in aviation security and facilitate discussion. It will host informed, expert opinions and articles written by leading voices in the sector.

Cameron Mann, Global Market Director, Aviation at Smiths Detection, said: “The series of attacks on airports over the past two years is evidence of the fact that the world’s 2,200 airports are facing unprecedented security threats.”

“Taking an integrated approach to aviation security, from kerb to gate, has never been more important. This has been recognised by IATA and ACI with their Smart Security scheme, and is also at the core of Smiths Detection’s approach to provide integrated airport security solutions.


“The benefits of a joined-up approach are considerable. Airport operators need to consider passenger experience, operational efficiency and security effectiveness when developing their security processes. They are interrelated and need to be considered together so that airports can streamline their operations and reap the benefits of improved efficiency and productivity.”

Mr. Mann continued: “Aviation Insider is designed to be a critical hub for industry opinion; a place where best practice ideas can be shared and where discussion between practitioners can thrive for this evolving landscape. Passengers need to keep flying with minimal delays and maximum safety and we hope that this hub will contribute to making that happen.”

Stratus Technologies - Stand E51


With the threat of physical and electronic security breaches intensifying everyday, you can’t afford to risk downtime of your security systems.  A security system can only provide protection if it’s up and running…  all of the time.  Anything less and you run the risk of costly, dangerous and potentially life-threatening consequences.

Stratus Technologies is the leading provider of infrastructure-based solutions that keep applications running continuously, enabling you to ensure safety, protect property and comply with regulations. Stratus’ flexible solutions – software, platform and services – prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted performance of essential security systems.

It’s no wonder that a wide range of facilities – from nuclear power plants, dams and military bases to airports, industrial facilities and educational institutions – put their trust in Stratus.


Key benefits

  • Keeps security and building management applications “always-on”, 24/7/365 o
  • Detects potential problems and proactively takes action before downtime becomes an issue
  • Scales easily to accommodate changing business requirements
  • Supports remote and lights-out data centers through automation
  • Meets compliance requirements for data integrity and reliability in regulated industries
  • No application or server modifications required to provide fault tolerance out of the box

Sepura - Stand E39


Sepura’s SC20 brings broadband capability to critical national infrastructure organisations

Submersible, waterproof, salt-resistant and dustproof, Sepura’s SC20 series boasts market-leading IP66, IP67 and IP68 environmental protection ratings and are Wi-Fi enabled, ready to deliver future broadband data services. The radio builds on Sepura’s well-established strength in public safety - a market in which it has long held a world-leading position - and marks a step forward in TETRA communications for organisations with critical communications requirements. 

The SC20 series' second high-speed data-bearer option places the customer in a unique position as it creates the potential to offer capabilities never before associated with a TETRA device, including over-the-air programming via Wi-Fi, control of a body-worn camera, or tethering to a smartphone or tablet device by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


In addition, unique water-porting technology, combined with 2W audio output, ensures clarity of communications - even in harsh conditions.

Combined with Sepura’s robust system infrastructure and range of efficiency enhancing data applications, the SC20 offers organisations the opportunity to greatly enhance their communications.

Technocover - Stand K30


High Security Mesh Systems –
An Adaptable Approach

Technocover's many years of experience and expertise are frequently called upon by clients to devise and manage complete projects for the physical protection of assets. From initial site survey to final installation of an ever-increasing range of third-party accredited high security solutions, Technocover are able to offer Total Service utilising UltraSecure physical security access products certified to the exacting security standards of the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

Technocover’s team of specialist designers firmly believe in the importance of innovation and proactivity in solving security and operational problems. Two recent examples of security hardening solutions utilised the highly adaptable Technocover Security Mesh System. Both solutions required the design and installation of UltraSecure mesh cage enclosures for the protection of assets requiring good airflow/ventilation. The first incorporated solid roofs to protect maintenance operatives and equipment from the weather, the second access covers on top of the enclosures.



Each solution illustrates Technocover's approach to tackling unique challenges, fully addressing client needs, whole-life costs and safety concerns whilst providing SR3 and SR4 high security access control using the highly adaptable range of LPCB certified security mesh systems tested and approved to the rigorous LPS 1175: Issue 7 standard.

VCA - Stand E20


Accurate, easy to use and affordable analytics solutions from VCA

VCA’s credentials as a total solutions provider of video analytics solutions for the security sector will be on show on stand E20 at UK Security Expo.

VCA will be showcasing a wide range of new analytic solutions with each providing opportunities for users to achieve maximum benefit from their investment in video surveillance and all are equipped with VCA’s Home Office iLids approved analytics software which has been successfully deployed worldwide in over 350,000 video channels.

  • Bridge: A stand-alone VCA appliance that can easily be retrofitted to instantly add video analytics capability to new or existing IP video surveillance systems. Bridge can be used as a powerful ‘exception’ reporting tool to help identify suspicious activity and when appropriate, to despatch security guards or quickly report the incident to one of the emergency services.


  • VCAServer: With built-in VMS (Video Management Software), VCAServer enables you to view and record images captured by a combination of cameras from different VCA manufacturers, with the flexibility to choose whether to run analytics in support of some or all of the cameras. Additional features include 72 inputs and 72 outputs to facilitate interaction with other security or operation systems, and PTZ control of cameras.


  • uTrack: Unlike easily confused auto-tracking PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras, uTrack takes advantage of VCA’s rules based detection capabilities to offer an industry first, autonomous, 3D predictive tracking solution for unmanned, wide area and perimeter surveillance applications. Depending on the field of view, each uTrack comprises of one PTZ dome camera and up to five fixed cameras. Quick and easy to deploy, uTrack’s edge based architecture ensures minimal latency to provide fast, smooth and accurate tracking of people and objects.


  • uTrack: Unlike easily confused auto-tracking PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras, uTrack takes advantage of VCA’s rules based detection capabilities to offer an industry first, autonomous, 3D predictive tracking solution for unmanned, wide area and perimeter surveillance applications. Depending on the field of view, each uTrack comprises of one PTZ dome camera and up to five fixed cameras. Quick and easy to deploy, uTrack’s edge based architecture ensures minimal latency to provide fast, smooth and accurate tracking of people and objects.


  • Thermal Bullet IP camera - Available at a price point not previously seen, VCA’s new Intelligent Thermal IP bullet cameras with on-board analytics offer a compelling cost comparative to the usual method of combining standard surveillance cameras with passive detectors for perimeter detection applications.

Viseotec - Stand G22


We are pleased to announce the launch of ULISSE2, a new Full-IP generation of the renowned ULISSE PTZ range.

The new ULISSE2 PTZ has been completely reengineered to give the absolute maximum performance. It offers complete management of all IP ONVIF-S third-party cameras, both visible and thermal imaging, with direct access via a browser to the camera’s interface for setup and diagnostics, as a single IP address.


  • Redesigned for any third-party IP camera (ONVIF-S or equipped with an RS485 serial port). All camera functions (including wiper, washer pump, pre-sets, lights and set-up) plus P&T can be controlled by the most popular VMS on the market.
  • Compatibility with motorised zoom lenses with common wire, with polarity inversion and with RS485 serial port.
  • 4K Ultra HD designed and tested.
  • The efficient automatic self-test rapidly detects the state of the system and all reported events are stored in the internal log.  A complete system backup is possible via the Micro SD slot.
  • Unrivalled operating temperature range, from -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F). Constant thermoregulatory functions and demisting with temperature-controlled forced air. Certified and tested IP66 and NEMA Type 4x.
  • Enhanced P&T performance: smooth and silent movements; refined positioning accuracy: increased wind resistance to 220km/h (136mph).
  • New intelligent management of the LED illuminators. They can be integrated on the PTZ post-installation, and with any power source without the need for additional power supplies.
  • Improved accessibility to connections to facilitate and speed up wiring and diagnostics, without the need to dismantle the product. Greatly simplified installation: a single hex key (supplied) allows complete assembly of the PTZ.
It requires no maintenance after installation. 3 years warranty.

Wireless CCTV - Stand E36


Wireless CCTV (WCCTV), the world leading manufacturer of mobile video surveillance, site security solutions and body worn cameras, are delighted to announce it will be demonstrating the award winning WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect) at UK Security Expo, 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2016.

The WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect) utilises mobile technology (4G with automatic fallback) to transmit live video and GPS location information from the wearer's location back to control rooms and mobile devices, drastically improving situational awareness and safety.

Unlike other live transmission body worn cameras, the WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect) is a one box unit, with no external cables, wiring, battery packs or tethering.

It’s an easy to use, compact and lightweight system that not only represents a major development for WCCTV, but improves the overall effectiveness of Body Worn Video technology as a whole.

Speaking on the product, WCCTVs Managing Director David Gilbertson said:


“The uptake of body worn cameras has been driven by the need to protect the wearer and the public by providing greater transparency over how incidents occur and have been dealt with.

“However, this has been purely retrospective, without the opportunity for intervention, advice or assistance for someone in the field who is left to rely on their best judgement until a review can take place.

“WCCTV’s Body Worn Camera (Connect) drastically improves security, safety and decision making for those in the field, and allows supervisors to coordinate tactical operations in real-time.

“This has the potential to improve response time, improve judgement and decision making speed and quality, identify potential threats, help de-escalate confrontations and conflicts and allow the remote coordination of large scale tactical operations.”

WCCTV will be on stand E36 throughout UK Security Expo, or more information on the Company’s full range of systems can be found at

Zenatek - Stand F10


The most sophisticated global supply chain of tracking security

Zenatek is a logistic and software group of Companies based in Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco) and New York (USA) and Genoa (Italy).

Provider of a logistical Tracking Service all around the World for any goods transported with containers, pallets of cases.

All the aspects of our system of tracking properties are the following:

  • Container and/or pallet location, including pin-pointing position.
  • Container’s door opening and/or pallet tampering, alarm including braking-in alarms.
  • Container tracking all the way and/or pallet, from loading time and right through to end destination, indicating down to the street the container is located.
  • Real time temperature and humidity alarms.
  • Container and/or pallet crash and tilt alarms.
  • Storage of Packing and Shipping documents and other data in the web application, as you deem it necessary.


The service includes a small self-contained Device (Zenatek Tracking Device), to be attached to the property to be traced. No cabling is required, no external power and no drilling hole in the container for antennas, only attaching the ZTD on the doors or on the pallet surface, with a fool-proof installation, no specialized personnel is needed.

The service is at a very reasonable cost; and the ZTD may be used one-way and discarded when the property has arrived to destination.


The most useful feature is the alarm for opening of container or tampering by not authorized personnel

The alarm system is also triggered by our ZTS that inform you immediately if any variation of the temperature, that you have to set from your own device at the departure. The information will arrive both on your computer or mobile phone you may set. As you will be aware of the alarm and/or anomaly received, you can contact the transporter immediately for action.

Please do not hesitate to visit our website ( and discover more about the Zenatek Tracking System, with a short video showing the said easy installation and friendly web application. You may also go on the following link: .