UK Security Expo 2017, The Global Security Showcase, 29 - 30 Nov 2017, Olympia London





Securing Crowded Places Immersive Demonstrator 2016

The Immersive Demonstrator at UK Security Expo 2016 was under the theme of ‘Securing Crowded Places’ run in association with The Home Office JSaRC, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and other relevant Government Departments.

Using the event venue itself as the place to be protected, the aim was to provide an integrated experience in which visitors were able to see innovative technologies and techniques in operation.  This provided a realistic context as well as allowing discussion with Government and industry experts.

Read our recent report about  The Challenges Of Public Safety And Security In Crowded Places HERE



Protecting Spaces

Protecting spaces that are normally crowded with people (transport hubs, shopping malls, sports stadia, etc.) from terrorist threats is perhaps one of society’s greatest security challenges.  High assurance approaches such as individual screening at the boundary are often impossible given the volumes of people and the time, space and cost involved.   However, innovative modern technology; the application of good design; and the imaginative use of human resource can all combine to improve the security of a crowded place with minimum interference to people’s lives and activities.  The immersive ‘Securing Crowded Places Demonstrator’ (SCPD) at the UK Security Exhibition provides an environment in which to explore these issues.  The aim is to show how a combination of technology, processes and techniques can be applied imaginatively in a variety of operational scenarios to improve protection from terrorist attack. 


The SCPD consists of three linked zones set in and close to the entrance to the Olympia site which is considered to be the crowded place we are seeking to protect.

Visitors to the CPD will have the option of passing through the Screen Zone themselves (e.g., as they enter Olympia) and then loitering at each of the zones, where experts from industry and government will be on hand to discuss the wide range of issues that arise in this challenging area. 



Screen Zone

This is set in the entrance area to Olympia National and is focused on identifying threats at the boundary.  The aim is to move away from intensive individual screening designed to identify small threat items, to ones which can deliver a reasonable level of assurance that in high volumes of people, no one is carrying a major threat item (e.g., a machine gun or suicide vest).  The emphasis will be on the ability to identify threats remotely with the minimum of interference (e.g., without the need to divest clothing, etc.) and to cope with high volumes of throughput.


Track Zone

This is located to the immediate left of the exhibition space and has data links to the other zones.  The focus here is on identifying and maintaining coverage of suspicious activity irrespective of the density of people involved. Large monitors in the left-hand part of this area show live video and data feeds from technologies deployed in the Screen Zone.  The right-hand side is configured as a control room supporting a typical crowded place.  A video wall projecting images and data feeds from other zones provides situational awareness and the basis for command and control of security incidents.  From this control room, visitors can watch the resolution of a security incident that takes place in the Response Zone.


Response Zone

This is configured to illustrate the deployment and co-ordination of technical and human resources in response to a security incident.  The zone is split, with half illustrating a sports environment and half a transport environment.  From here, regular presentations will be given illustrating a typical security incident and its resolution.  This will involve the use of remote sensors to capture data and robotic vehicles to inspect suspicious items, etc.  Video and data feeds from this area will be fed into the Track Zone display screens to provide the widest possible view of action for visitors.


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