UK Security Expo 2017, The Global Security Showcase, 29 - 30 Nov 2017, Olympia London





Cyber Security Workshops

Workshop Topics

The Security Director's Practical Guide to Cyber Security 

  • What the CEO needs their Security Director to do to protect against Cyber Threats
  •  How the Security Director can spot vulnerabilities the IT team have missed
  • What the Security Director should know about Cyber Insurance
  •  Surprises your CEO may suffer during a major Cyber Attack
  •  Why Security Directors must help lead Recovery from major Cyber Attack


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Crisis Simulation: The Security Director  helping to lead Response to a Cyber Attack 

  • This Role Play runs through decisions Security Directors should be ready for
  •  The Simulation is based on real-life cases, at medium-large businesses
  •  Participants will experience the "shock & ambiguity" of a major attack
  •  Security Directors will learn the consequences of typical choices
  •  How the Security Director can prepare their Executive Team for Cyber Attackcra

Kevin Duffey, Managing Director, Cyber Rescue 


duffrey 30 years in "cyber" and in "rescue".  Previous  roles include:

  • Managing Director of G4S International
  • Group General Manager of International SOS
  • CEO Asia of Logica, then a FTSE 100 systems integrator.


Kevin oversaw the evacuation 4,000 people from Egypt and Libya during the Arab Spring.  As a member of the UK Board of Logica, he oversaw cyber security wins with GCHQ, MOD, several banks and telcos.  He has a long history in technology, for example elected to the “GSM Hall of Fame,” as one of the 100 people who “did the most to deliver mobile phone services worldwide.”

Barrie Millett, Resilience Advisor, Cyber Rescue  



Award winning leader in risk mitigation.  Barrie advises Boards on:

  • Resilience for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI, eg electricity grids)
  • Security for the Internet of Things (IoT, eg household meter readers)
  • Business continuity during security crises.

Barrie has led security teams at blue-chip firms including E.ON and GE.  He is currently the Chairman of the Joint Risk Audit and Assurance Panel of the Leicestershire Police.  Barrie served seven years with the Royal Marines.

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About The Cyber Rescue Alliance 

The Cyber Rescue Alliance helps Security Directors lead recovery when hackers have broken through.  We help executives protect assets - including reputation and revenues - when "the unthinkable" happens. We deliver Executive Simulations to train you and your top team.  We provide tailored business continuity plans that cover all the implications of a major cyber attack.  We supply Cyber Crisis Coaches to help you deal with the cascade of consequences that come with a breach.

Security Directors are the grown ups at the table, when crisis hits an organization.  Cyber attacks are the challenge of our time and they cannot be left just to the IT staff.  The cascade of consequences that follows a major breach is overwhelming for many organisations.  Security Directors need to lead on business continuity, preparing their organization to engage effectively with law enforcement and regulators while maintaining effective command and control through the crisis.

Our Advisors come from nine European countries and have responded to over 1,000 cyber-attacks. Our expertise includes information governance, legal best practice, crisis management and incident response.  We help you prepare the departments that are least ready for the decisions needed after a breach, from HR to PR, customer service, operations, finance and investor relations. 

Security Directors will want to take a leading role in preparing for “the inevitable” cyber attack that gets through.  Contact us to arrange an Executive Simulation of a cyber attack, to help your top team prepare. 

Call us on +44 (0)20 7859 4320.  Or look at our library of reports on cyber threats and response –

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